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Re: Mobile devices ... any of them still use Linux?

Carl Fink писал 2012-11-26 16:03:

Openmoko (Freerunner GTA02 & GTA04), Nanonote. Touch book (not

Obsolete, supported by no carrier, not actually intended for consumer use. I
am not a developer, the target market.

ahhaha, wrong list to ask questions..

Also u can install linux-distro (e.g debian) any android tablet/phone.

In this country (the United States of America), it's arguably illegal and will often void your contract with a cell phone carrier. (There is one court ruling that it is legal, but to my limited knowledge the US Supreme Court
hasn't ruled, and until they do that could easily be overturned.)


And even if legal it isn't trivial or safe.

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