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Re: Mobile devices ... any of them still use Linux?

Am 25. Nov, 2012 schwätzte Carl Fink so:

moin moin,

On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 11:36:22AM -0700, der.hans wrote:

Is it proprietary? Isn't Cyanogenmod an android rebuild because android is
FOSS? There are certainly some issue regarding release time and what some
of the phone manufacturers have been doing.

Yes, but. Specifically: but phones aren't sold actually running Cyanogenmod.
Actual Android installed on phones/tables that I can find (with the
exception of your helpful suggestion below) run a proprietary Android

Yeah, phones have wandered into the wasteland for now :(. What about the
Nexus phones that are Google's approved development line and have official
CyanogenMod support?


I realize they don't come with Cyanogenmod, but that can be remedied.

There are several allwinner based tablets that can run a traditional
distro as well as android.


What a great-looking device.

Only problem: not in stock right now. I literally might have bought it
instantly if I could have.

Keep watching that space! :)

I hope they get them in stock in time to get your business.


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