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Re: Can Debian's paranoia be tamed

Miles Fidelman wrote:
Richard Owlett wrote:
Miles Fidelman wrote:
Richard Owlett wrote:
Miles Fidelman wrote:

you might try using expert mode when installing, and then
answering yes when the installer asks about enabling root

That did not work.

That's rather odd.  The installer always asks me to set up a
root account, before setting up an account for the first
user, just before configuring the clock.

Those steps took place as you expected.
When I said "That did not work" I could have said "that
did not accomplish my goal".

As in, you were not able to log in as root, even though
you'd enabled root and provided a root password during
installation? That's also kind of weird.  What about logging
in as a normal user, and then opening a terminal window and
typing "su" ?

That was *NOT* my goal .
When booting, I wished "world domination" so to speak ;/

"su" and "sudo" kept doing THEIR thing.

You're pretty limited without access to a repository,

As far as I'm concerned I do. That's why I purchased the 8
DVD set. Admittedly it is a snapshot in time. But that
suits my needs/desires. As my goal is primarily
educational - a constant environment has its advantages.

Interesting.  I didn't realize you could get a full snapshot
of packages.debian.org.

Did I say anything about "full"?
For *ALL* practical purposes I got a 'snapshot' of ../pool/main ;)

People keep reading THEIR goals into what I do.

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