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Re: Guide / Tools

On 22/11/12 16:35, Doug wrote:
> On 11/22/2012 05:52 AM, "Morel Bérenger" wrote:
>>> This whole thread points out a major problem with using Linux. There is
>>> no comprehensive, cross referenced, command dictionary anywhere. I
>>> have a C
>>> programming reference that was written by Kernegian and Ritchy way back
>>> when, which referenced the C commands by function, that I used to
>>> live by.
>>> We need something like this for the Linux / Unix community. I
>>> think a properly architectured WIKI would be a wonderful idea.
>>> Unfortunately I don't feel I have the knowledge necessary to start one.
>>> As an example, if I look up 'System Maintenance' I should get a sub list
>>> of Aptitude, dpkg, apt-get etc, with a quick blurb on each. A newbe
>>> could
>>> then make a choice of which package the wish to try. I've been using
>>> Debian linux for over 15 years and am still finding commands that
>>> are useful. The worst part is that I am loosing commands at about the
>>> same
>>> rate because of only occasional use. It is really frustrating when you
>>> know there is a command that you used 2 years ago that is exactly
>>> what you
>>> need but can't remember its name.
>>> Gary R.
>> This... is really true, and an excellent idea.
>> The problem is probably also that some commands can be used for more than
>> one thing, so making category is not so easy.
>> Example: grep
>> _ can be used to search a text in a file
>> _ can be used to search files containing some text
>> Also, should that wiki be a reference, containing full doc of
>> commands, or
>> simply a "repertoire" (not sure for the word) which said  "cd is used to
>> change directory".
>> One is too long, the other is too short. Another solution would be to add
>> a short example to the second...
> Altho some of the Linux commands that seem to be specific to certain
> distros
> may not be found there, a very useful book is "Linux in a Nutshell,"
> which calls
> itself "A Desktop Quick Reference."  O'Reilly.  $50 when I bought mine
> several
> years ago.  I use it all the time.

Or a free PDF download. I got it here:

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