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Re: Guide / Tools

On 11/22/2012 05:52 AM, "Morel Bérenger" wrote:
This whole thread points out a major problem with using Linux. There is
no comprehensive, cross referenced, command dictionary anywhere. I have a C
programming reference that was written by Kernegian and Ritchy way back
when, which referenced the C commands by function, that I used to live by.
We need something like this for the Linux / Unix community. I
think a properly architectured WIKI would be a wonderful idea.
Unfortunately I don't feel I have the knowledge necessary to start one.
As an example, if I look up 'System Maintenance' I should get a sub list
of Aptitude, dpkg, apt-get etc, with a quick blurb on each. A newbe could
then make a choice of which package the wish to try. I've been using
Debian linux for over 15 years and am still finding commands that
are useful. The worst part is that I am loosing commands at about the same
rate because of only occasional use. It is really frustrating when you
know there is a command that you used 2 years ago that is exactly what you
need but can't remember its name.

Gary R.
This... is really true, and an excellent idea.
The problem is probably also that some commands can be used for more than
one thing, so making category is not so easy.
Example: grep
_ can be used to search a text in a file
_ can be used to search files containing some text

Also, should that wiki be a reference, containing full doc of commands, or
simply a "repertoire" (not sure for the word) which said  "cd is used to
change directory".
One is too long, the other is too short. Another solution would be to add
a short example to the second...

Altho some of the Linux commands that seem to be specific to certain distros may not be found there, a very useful book is "Linux in a Nutshell," which calls itself "A Desktop Quick Reference." O'Reilly. $50 when I bought mine several
years ago.  I use it all the time.


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