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Re: Guide / Tools

On Wed, 2012-11-21 at 21:28 +0000, Joe wrote:
> I use dpkg [...] if I need to install a .deb

I do the same. Usually I build packages, instead of running "make
install" and I don't have my own repository.

> > mc
> Indeed. I never went the vi/emacs route since cooledit in mc does all
> the admin work I need to do, and I don't do heavy text processing. And
> my server doesn't have X, so mc is a useful semi-graphical file manager
> and simple text editor combined. And I'm old enough to remember the
> Norton Commander...

A lot of people wish that mcedit would be the default, but often there's
just vi(m), ed and nano available.

I noticed that visudo isn't vi, but nano on my current Ubuntu. Nano
seems to be more comfortable than vi.

An editor with GUI perhaps should highlight syntax, so kate and gedit
perhaps are better than e.g. leafpad. OTOH Gvim could be used to learn
more about vi(m).

We didn't mention Ctrl+D for the terminal, to logout/exit until now.

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