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Re: Thunderbird not working with Dovecot

David Guntner:
> Jochen Spieker grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
>> Dovecot limits both the total number of parallel connections and the
>> number of connections per user (or per client IP address, don't
>> remember). Either increase that or reduce the number of connections
>> Thunderbird uses.
> I think you misunderstood what I was describing.


> Thunderbird isn't
> supposed to be opening a new connection with each message it tries to
> read; it should just read them with the one connection it has.

Well, it usually uses more than one connection. I'd still try reducing
the maximum number of connections it uses:


> And prior to Dovecot coming into play, it did just that.

What did you use before Dovecot? A different IMAP server? Which one?

> When I try to read
> an unread message, it just hangs there.  The header area (from, to,
> subject) changes to reflect the new message, but the body area just
> stays blank and the status line shows "downloading messsage...." but
> nothing happens beyond that, unless I click on another message.  The
> instant I click on the other message (whether in a previously-read
> status or not) causes a new connection to open up (I'm guessing because
> the existing one is now hung) and that shows up in the log.

Ok, so your assumption is that some connections to Dovecot hang for an
unknown reason and that's why Thunderbird creates new ones? In order to
debug that, I would increase logfile verbosity für Dovecot (probably
including authentication logging) and test with TB using one, two and
even more connections.

If this a general issue with Dovecot, TB should hang very early.

>> General hint: please try to be more informative. "I tried something but
>> it didn't work" does not carry a lot of useful unformation.
> Sorry, was trying to head off a "did you use that workaround setting for
> TB that's in the dovecot.conf file?" type of question. :-)

No problem. It is just that I didn't know that setting off the top of my

>>   imap_client_workarounds = tb-extra-mailbox-sep
> What they're describing doesn't seem related to the particular problem
> that *I'm* having, but I figured it couldn't hurt to put it in place.


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