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Re: Guide / Tools

As I said, I still consider myself as a newbie (or a very novice, take
your favorite) :)
2 years can help learn a lot, but learning could be implementing with
something like:

>> cd (there are some tricks, like no args, using '/' or '~' to start the
>> arg) cp
> To read about globbing is very important. Simply using wildcards could
> cause serious issues.
What is globbing, and which issues can cause wildcards? Symbolic links

> grep <regex> <file>
Ho, I did not know about that... interesting :) (I am just starting to use
some grep features other than find a single word in a single file...)

>> make ifup
> Please don't write newbies such commands, that are completely useless
> for a newbie.
For make, if he is a newbie only with linux, but not with development, you
are wrong. Else, you are true, but we have no clue. I did not speak about
using make to install softwares without packages.

For ifup/down:
I have no other choice for ifup with my eeepc, because when I change wifi
network (actually, I change my /etc/network/interface each time, have not
find/searched a good solution, without using graphical tools, which I do
not need), or just enable/disable wifi, the network does not adapt itself
to change, and so I must down/up it.
I should like to learn how to use/customize acpi, but lacks of time is a
strong enemy, and man did not helped me a lot.

>> galculator
> is very good, if you have a num pad where the "." is a ",", OTOH gcalctool
> does completely display what you typed.
The numpad is not a problem for me, honestly, I tend to use it very
rarely... I prefer to use the top line of keybord :P
And anyway, using ',' or '.'... most computers tools use '.' and all
programming languages I know of too.
And as I said, I am a developer, so I'm accustomed to that.
But I did not found gcalttool before, I'll try it.

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