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Re: Netflix on Debian Linux

Hi Ralf, yes I agree: using software that is not stable sucks. I won't
try this "fix" and bang my head to have "some" version of wine and
silverlight to work. Nah...

Thanks Gary D., for the link. I see your point, and I was angry when I
discovered they didn't bother to give linux a chance.

Hugo, funny. :)

Gary R., is this what you're talking about:
As I see, you don't need a computer for it to work. Is that so? Just
plug it on TV and internet? Or do you use it with a computer somehow?

Hi Aaron. Yes, I want (nobody really "needs" netflix), but it's
probably best to stick with Debian. Why people tend to suggest you
leave? So non-gentle :( But regarding VM, thanks. I've tried that, and
it works fine. I need VM to help students when they insist in use
other systems... I wish everyone uses Debian. Well, we can't win
always, can we?

Mark, your answer was the most intriguing. So, if they are moving to
HTML5, we can expect it to work on Linux in the future, can't we? That
sounds promising.
Do you have any link to a "Roku box". Never heard of it. I have a
desktop station in my room I use to play movies with Kaffeine. I don't
like to watch movies on laptop. Small screen, and to expensive to
diminish its useful life that way.


Dr Beco
A.I. researcher

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everyone you love, everyone you know..." (Carl Sagan, 1934-1996)

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