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RE: Netflix on Debian Linux

> Mark, your answer was the most intriguing. So, if they are moving to
> HTML5, we can expect it to work on Linux in the future, can't we? That
> sounds promising.
> Do you have any link to a "Roku box". Never heard of it. I have a
> desktop station in my room I use to play movies with Kaffeine. I don't
> like to watch movies on laptop. Small screen, and to expensive to
> diminish its useful life that way.


Using HTML 5 and Javascript will not guarantee Linux support.  There is the everpresent spectre of DRM to contend with.  Anyway, it is difficult to harden Linux to prevent someone from using the debugging tools to reverse engineer the DRM.  Windows is much harder to hack in that respect,  So I don't hold out much hope of them to support Linux. (Speculation.)  Besides, the tech support for Linux would be a nightmare for any company. 


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