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Re: Graphic-Card-Resolution in GUI affects blanking virtual-consoles(tty1 etc.)

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 09:57:03PM +0100, Herbert Schwarzer wrote:
> Hello Chris,
> perhaps I do not understand your proposal ...  if I switch to runlevel=1 
> (that's the single user mode, isn't it?)  there is no X running, so I can 
> login as root only in text-mode (console).

Correct. That should "rule out" non running software.

> X (or graphical user interface such as KDE) is only available at runlevel 2 up 
> to runlevel 6.
> So again: no matter wich user is logged in KDE - the virtual console blanks IF 
> there is another graphic-card resolution than the (automaticly choosen 
> 1600x1200).

Yeah, but why does it take several seconds?

Have you tried another DE/WM combination?

So, really in fact, you want to run KDE at a higher resolution than what
your card is capable of?

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