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Thunar, USB-sticks and big files

Hi guys!

I have a problem copying big files to an USB-stick using thunar in
Debian Stable. Doing the actual copying is mostly fine and no error is
printed, but when unmounting the USB memory (I guess it is then the
files are actually copied) - the device pretty much always times out,
giving an error message, and the copied files are not readable. 

I do this to copy ripped DVD's to USB memory for viewing in a TV with
USB connection - the result is that if the files are copied using
Thunar, it fails, the files are not readable by the TV, but if copying
using terminal and a simple "cp", it works just fine.

Has anybody seen similar results - is there anything to be done to
solve it?

Nothing extremely serious, I can still copy the files using terminal as
I said, but it would be nice to have it working using only Thunar too.

-- Andreas Rönnquist

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