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startup: separate /var partition hoses /run, shm (shared memory)?

What must one do to make /run mount appropriately on startup if one has
a separate /var partition? What I mean, why I ask:

Awhile ago, I got a new box with win7 preinstalled. I repartitioned,
adding separate partitions for swap, /, /boot, /home, /tmp, /usr, /var
(in addition to the win7 partition). I then installed LMDE (Linux Mint
Debian Edition, a directly-debian-derived, rolling-release, APT-packaged
distro). This has worked well, except for a problem at startup, whether
after restart (i.e., warm boot) or shutdown (i.e., cold boot):

On every startup, on the initial {black screen, white text} I get errors
beginning with

> Mount point '/run' does not exist. Skipping mount.

and ending (just before it goes to X) with many (10 > n > 100) lines
beginning with

> shm_open() failed

I suspect this is related to having a separate /var partition, since,
once the box is booted and I'm logged in, I see that

* /run is symlinked to /var/run
* /run/shm is a directory

I'm wondering, how to fix this problem? E.g., can I make /var (and
therefore /var/run) mount before whatever is trying to mount /run?

If there is a better place to ask this question, please lemme know.

TIA, Tom Roche <Tom_Roche@pobox.com>

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