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Re: CPU scaling problems

On Thu, 15 Nov 2012, Neal Murphy wrote:
> > At a guess, I would assume a configuration problem.  Or no problem.  Is
> > your machine sluggish or unresponsive?  How do you know it stays at 800
> > MHz? What tool do you use to monitor it?  Maybe your monitor is wrong.  I
> > am not sure how to troubleshoot this, but if you don't need the governor,
> > turn it off or use the 'performance' one.
> In one shell, run 
>   while :; do grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo; echo; sleep .25; done
> and watch the clock(s); they should all be at minimum clock.

It is a _lot_ better run powertop or turbostat to check this.

That said, Linux coordinates with the platform through ACPI.  If the BIOS is
tuned for maximum battery life, it will interfere with Linux cpufreq.

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