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Re: Gnome3 and Wheezy.

My only complaint about Gnome 3 is that it only seems to work with Intel graphics chips and no one seems to know (or want to tell me) how to make it work with anything else

On 14/11/12 22:23, Worrier Poet wrote:
On 11/14/2012 05:04 PM, GEOFF BAGLEY wrote:
I have been looking forward to the update of
my favourite operating system Debian  from
squeeze to wheezy.

I thought it would be interesting to update
one of my machines ( an  amd64 bit ASUS),
and I have just spent two days trying to use
the new desktop Gnome3.

I have been SO disappointed that at this
moment I am re-installing squeeze.
It's possible that you may have jumped the gun a little on going back to
Squeeze. It may be that you'll want to switch to a different desktop
environment, like Xfce. It's very similar in many ways to older versions
of Gnome. And there are even simpler DEs like LXDE.

I was sorry to see that the very useful
GNOME web-browser Epiphany has been replaced
by a very  stupid and noisy game of that
same name.  I had some difficulty getting
rid of it.
Epiphany browser is still available in Wheezy, as the epiphany-browser

I have poor eye-sight, and make much use of
"CTRL shift +"  to magnify that which I need
to see,  and "CTRL -"  to reverse.  This was not possible in many GNOME3  cases.
I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that feature of the old Gnome, and I
don't know whether or not a similar feature exists in Xfce.

Please why can we not have a choice of the
new-fabgled desktop (for those who like it)
and the old, well tried Gnome desktop for
folks like me ?
Well, there have been a lot of folks who feel that way. I understand
that there's a branch of Gnome 2 still under development, but not by the
Gnome project people. I don't recall the name of that alternative. Gnome
had already got a bit gimmicky for me in later versions of 2.x, so I had
already wandered off into Xfce-land by the time Gnome 3 came out.

I have been using the "old"  version of the
Gnome desktop ever since they wrecked KDE3
and introduced KDE4.
I think that the KDE exampled was abad one,
but has been repeated.
Yes, there has been much discontent since the advent of both KDE4 and
Gnome 3. I hope the Gnome project folks are making lots of omelets,
'cause they've certainly broken a lot of eggs.


I hope you find something suitable to your needs.

Best regards,
the worrier

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