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Re: Printing on HPLaserJetP1102w

Thanks Brian.  I had given up, and taken the machine back to my wife's desk.
So I went there, and went to the site you quoted.  My wife'nachine runs
Ubuntu 12.04.
The site installed the software- TWICE!, so I went to the  print menu and there were two copies of the printer there.  One (the first one) was dead, but the other one picked up and printed OK.  
We tested it on another unrelated  file and that printed too.

I guess the upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 required either the printer or the driver to be reinstalled.

That leaves my favourite Debian 6.06 squeeze on my two other machines.
I wish now to investigate an ethernet or even WiFi network printing capability for my three machines with their three printers.

Many thanks for giving me a push at the right time, and also to others who have helped me.

Best regards.


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