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Re: Visualization of directory tree of my machine

"Morel Bérenger" wrote:
What I can see of Nautilus (I needed an image because I do not use it,
here it is, maybe there are different versions...
http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/_media/nautilus.png?w=400) is very close to
windows... The only difference I see here is the lack of the left panel
with the tree.

That's what I've got.
I've got Windows Explorer setup to resemble some of the defaults of Win3.1 days.

If this is this feature that you need, just searching for "nautilus
directory tree" gave me this link:

That site looks as though it may answer questions I've not asked yet. But not this one ;)

Hope it helps.

Le Ven 9 novembre 2012 13:52, Richard Owlett a écrit :
I'm running Debian 6.0.5 with the default gnome desktop.
The default file browser (Nautilus?) does not give the
view/perspective I need. I'm looking for something closer to (do I dare say
it ;) Windows Explorer.

I am moving FROM a certain OS  ;/


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