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Re: Visualization of directory tree of my machine

What I can see of Nautilus (I needed an image because I do not use it,
here it is, maybe there are different versions...
http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/_media/nautilus.png?w=400) is very close to
windows... The only difference I see here is the lack of the left panel
with the tree.
If this is this feature that you need, just searching for "nautilus
directory tree" gave me this link:

Hope it helps.

Le Ven 9 novembre 2012 13:52, Richard Owlett a écrit :
> I'm running Debian 6.0.5 with the default gnome desktop.
> The default file browser (Nautilus?) does not give the
> view/perspective I need. I'm looking for something closer to (do I dare say
> it ;) Windows Explorer.
> I am moving FROM a certain OS  ;/
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