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[Fwd: DAViCal Server Cannot Sent Invites]

Dear All,

i understand this should be addressed to DAViCal list, and i did but no
one responded AT ALL third day today. i am sure someone would be defiantly
using the program. kindly help if anyone have solution or idea.

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Subject: [Davical-general] DAViCal Server  Cannot Sent Invites
From:    "Shiv. Nath" <prabhpal@digital-infotech.net>
Date:    Thu, November 8, 2012 12:53 pm
To:      davical-general@lists.sourceforge.net

Dear List Community Greetings Kindly Help,

i have been given a task to implement enterprise level calendar, than i
decided to go with Davical using Debain 6x. But i have stack at one stage
and almost no idea. Kindly help, if someone have come across this problem
& remember the solution:

1.) Davical installation Successful
2.) I can login to ADMIN page, create users, groups, resources etc..
3.) i can login to CALENDAR web interface by admin or any other user created
4.) I can create account in sunbird calendar application Successfully.
5.) I can create account in iCal calendar application Successfully.
6.) Sharing is working in clients, can see each others events Successfully

I cannot send invites from either Mac iCal client or sunbird calendar
application. it is fully functional mail server that DAViCal is running on
with proper MX & PTR. i can send emails out & receive using squirrelmail
application that is tested.

This directive has been tried both ways
$c->enable_auto_schedule = true;
$c->enable_auto_schedule = false;

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Thanks / Shiv. Nath

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