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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Intel/AMD x86 CPU microcode update system in non-free

On Tue, 06 Nov 2012, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> So I'm left assuming that this initiative is the result of more and more
> Debian users purchasing systems sufficiently new enough that errata are
> being discovered, and new microcode being issued, after they receive
> their systems, and these folks aren't flashing their BIOS.

Yes.  Intel and AMD became a lot more active re. microcode updates somewhat
recently, doing a lot of work kernel-side.  Work that is still ongoing, soon
Linux will be able to update microcode *before* it brings the CPUs online
during boot.

Anyway, the younger the processor, the more likely it is to receive
microcode updates.

Most recent processors from both vendors require microcode updates. I think
nearly all Intel i3/5/7 and Xeon models from the last two generations have
microcode updates in the current microcode datafile, for example.  Your
BIOS/UEFI might have the latest microcode already, obviously...

A bit of trivia: if the "microcode" line in /proc/cpuinfo reads anything
other than "0x0" (i.e. zero), the processor _is_ running with some sort of
microcode applied.  If the Debian packages didn't do it, the BIOS/EFI did.

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