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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Intel/AMD x86 CPU microcode update system in non-free

On 11/6/2012 10:08 AM, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:

> What I do know is that lack of microcode update support is a severe issue
> IMO.

Debian has survived and functioned very well with good stability, all
the while lacking microcode update capability for all these years.  This
doesn't seem to be a "severe" issue.  I'll take a stab at some reasons
why this "severe" issue hasn't manifested itself to date:

1.  Debian users tend not to buy bleeding edge systems.  The systems
they buy have been around long enough that the BIOS shipped on them
already includes all the microcode updates that have been released.

2.  Those that do buy bleeding edge systems likely keep their BIOS up to

So I'm left assuming that this initiative is the result of more and more
Debian users purchasing systems sufficiently new enough that errata are
being discovered, and new microcode being issued, after they receive
their systems, and these folks aren't flashing their BIOS.


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