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Re: Debian repository on external USB

* Muhammad Yousuf Khan <sirtcp@gmail.com> [121106 07:03]:
> etc would be needed. and due to the problem of slow bandwidth i want
> to make a local/portable repository server so that i can point the
> repository and just use apt-get command for any installation. instead

What you need is an "approx" server.  You can set up one on an old
machine it the LAN, or even on a laptop which you pack back and forth.
Set up takes all of five or ten minutes, and involves only one short
configuration file on the approx server, and editing the
"sources.list" file of each machine in the LAN to redirect requests to
the approx server.

"Pre-load" the server by doing a rather complete installation on one
machine before you install the server in a remote installation;
because if a file is missing from the approx cache, it must be

And for general updating of your Debian archives, the use of "jidgo"
can help greatly when bandwidth is limited and connections are slow
and unreliable.


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