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Re: Problem with system update or something

Bret Busby <bret@busby.net> writes:

>>> <snip>
>> It has occurred to me, that this ivolves multiple problems or symptoms.
>> 1. The operating system and/or the web browsers ignore the swap partition, 
>> and simply progressivley consume the RAM, until none is left free to be used, 
>> causing system crashes. No known reason is shown for this, and checks have 
>> been done, and all of the settings appear to be correct for causing swapping 
>> to occur; it simply does not occur, and the system progresively runs out of 
>> memory, until it crashes.

How do you determine that swap is not being used?  Have you run top (for
example) to see cpu and memory usage?

>> <snip>
>> 8. I do not know how to cause space consumed by downloaded files, in a system 
>> update, to be automatically freed, by purging either the files downloaded in 
>> the system update, and or any files or other disk space consumed by the 
>> update process, or, the predecessors of the files downloaded in the sytem 
>> update. I assume (but am not sure) that they occupy space within the 
>> Downloads directory within the home partition.

Files downloaded by apt go to /var/cache/apt/archives.  You can run the
apt-get clean command to delete them.  If your home directory is a
separate partition, this will not help your problem.

>> <snip>
> Please "CC" any replies to my gmail account;
> bret.busby@gmail.com
> as this system will no longer run alpine on a two-way basis - the free 
> disk space is now too low to receive any incoming messages.
> Debian 6 has now effectively rendered this computer unusable.
> df -h shows for the home partition, Size - 77GB Used - 73GB Free - 1.2MB 
> but a warning dispalyed showing less than 1MB free.

Have you attempted to find out which directories under your /home are
taking up all this space?

$ du -s ~/.* ~/* | sort -k1 -n

This command will show you usage of all files/directories in your home
directory.  Look at the last few lines in the output for anything that
is taking up unusual amounts of space.

> Amongst other things, it is unfortunate that Linux does not include a
> defragmentation utility. It may have helped a bit.
> It may have helped deal with, and, possibly overcome, the progressive 
> comsumption of the disk space, by the operating system.

Nothing so far seems like it could be caused by filesystem

> It is a bit silly, when a supercomputer (yes, this is what was, only a 
> few years ago, a powerful enough computer that would have been classed 
> as a supercomputer) can not even run a text based email application, due 
> to the operating system.


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