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Re: Wally Lepore

To debian-user list members,

My absent from the list and this specific thread was simply
a decision to take 'pause', identify and correct my email problem.

The debian-user list is the first active mailing list I've
joined in some 30 years being in computing and online.

One of the questions I posted resulted in many supportive replies.
As a result, I found myself struggling to keep-up and
provide adequate responses to all replies.

My perception that list-users may not have been receiving
my messages caused me to respond to a few members privately
and all at once (to save time). I was not aware that the
list daemon sends all my replies to all members automatically.

As a result, what I thought to be a reasonable form of email
delivery turned out to be a confusing faux pas that rankled
list members. For this... I am sorry.

Also I have discovered that my email service provider
(by default) replies to private emails in the 'To:'field and
replies to the debian user-list in the 'Cc' field. I will pay
closer attention to this detail upon future posts. I have also
reviewed the debian mailing list guidelines and will adjust
my email responses accordingly.

Going forward, when I reply to the list, I will ensure that
the message is addressed only to the list; likewise when I
reply to a person, I will ensure it is addressed only to
that person.

Again, I apologize for any inconveniences I may have caused.
Moving forward on the debian-user list, I look to a 'bright',
'positive' and enjoyable experience on the list coupled with an
environment suited for learning and helping others.

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding.


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