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Re: Advice on system purchase

On Saturday, November 03, 2012 02:50:00 PM Stan Hoeppner wrote:

> I do support AMD, and I never said they're

> on a collision course with bankruptcy. What I did say is competing head

> to head with Intel in the x86 CPU market is a tough game, and they have

> made many missteps along the way.


> Someone would likely acquire them long before bankruptcy would loom.

> AMD has too many valuable assets, including CPU and GPU patents, people,

> etc. A likely suitor, should things get that bad for AMD, would be

> nVidia. They've wanted to enter the x86 market, and specifically the

> CPU/GPU market, for some time. Acquiring a weakened AMD on the cheap

> would get them there quickly. Damn, did I make another prediction?

> Shame on me. ;)


AMD's been around a looong time. They've always made good ICs. In particular, their 2903 bit slice processor was a fine piece of engineering in its day. I particularly liked the clockless ALU: apply the inputs (no clocking or latching needed) and read the outputs.


AMD's been weak before. And they've survived.

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