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The package:



does it actually exist.


At this page:


there are instructions to call:

#dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration


at this page:


that is geared towards 6.0 Squeeze 32 bit PC i386

i found no maintainer e mail address for this doc. Choosing a keyboard

the suggestion:

you'll be able to select a keyboard layout from a wider range of choices (run dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration as root after you have completed the installation).

#su dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

unknown id: dpkg-reconfigure


there is a man page for dpkg-reconfigure


searching Debian Packages with the option: package contents with word: dpkkg-reconfigure does show some bread crumbs, no lunch after searching through the leads.



Could some one please allow me to know , what .

Thank you.

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