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Re: Partition Control During Debian Installation

On Fri 02 Nov 2012 at 12:05:16 +0000, Feuerbacher, Alan wrote:

> Several weeks ago I installed Debian on my older Intel-based 32-bit
> machine. In anticipation of this, I had installed a 1TB hard disk,
> which I expected to be able to install three distros on for
> experimenting.
> Debian was the first distro (it came on a CD in a Linux magazine) I
> tried to install. I expected that the installer would give me a choice
> about how much partition space to use out of the 1TB available, but I
> could not find any way in the installer to tell it not to use the full
> 1TB. I completed the installation and the whole 1TB is used up.

At the partitioning stage you are offered a 'Manual' option. It does
exactly what you want to do.

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