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Mailbox, Mysql or Folder.

i am new to mailserver and following below howto for installing
postfix with other supplements.


now i want to decide the email storage strategy where i am confuse a
bit to choose the correct path.

 i remember someone once suggested me that i should store emails
directly into my harddisk in to file formate instead of MYsql
database. the point behind was that if database corrupted  then whole
data will be lost but on the other hand if i store email in folder it
can be recovered easily . (apart from mysql database backup and
restore strategy) since i am very new to mail server i would like to
learn from your experience and expert opinion that what route should i

i am working in a small company 30 to 50 users, so which one is more
suitable for me a mailbox storage in a folder or database by keeping
in mind stability?

but for learning purpose i also like to know. how big companies (may
be with 1000 to 3000 users) deal with such huge mailboxes. do they
directly store emails in folder or mysql database. btw i am not
talking about storage medium like SAN,  NAS or ETC. but i want to
learn there way of storing emails for my further career growth.



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