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Re: Mailbox, Mysql or Folder.

[Disclaimer: I only run a mail server for mainly personal use. I have
less than ten users on that system but the configuration is comparable
to that of the ISPMail howto].

Muhammad Yousuf Khan:
> i am working in a small company 30 to 50 users, so which one is more
> suitable for me a mailbox storage in a folder or database by keeping
> in mind stability?

I don't think there are many people (or organisations) that keep their
e-mails in relational databases. Sure, mail servers like Exchange (or
Dovecot) may have their own on-disk-format for mailboxes instead of
plain maildirs or mboxes. But they don't use MySQL (or Postgres, for
that matter).

Do not confuse e-mail storage with user authentication and management.

> but for learning purpose i also like to know. how big companies (may
> be with 1000 to 3000 users) deal with such huge mailboxes.

Performance-wise, your best bet with Dovecot is probably its own "dbox"
format. You may want to ask for experience with this on the Dovecot
mailing list.

For 50 users, I recommend to use Maildirs and make sure Dovecot's LDS is
used for delivery into mailboxes. That way the index files are always

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