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troubleshooting a broken mess (was ... Re: compiling a Debian package)

On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 03:04:49PM +0100, lee wrote:
> Yeah and that's why you are forced to turn your system into a mess with
> brokenarch and are supposed to try packages from unstable which create
> only more dependency problems and mess things up even further.
> Think it through and you'll see that there won't be a next stable
> release unless they fix the mess they made --- and they're not going to
> do that.  Stable is obsolete and deprecated.

OK. Lets work through your problems, or can't you be bothered. I also
think this thread (although under a better name, for search purposes) would be
good for the archives.

So, have you got dependency problems at the moment?
What is output of "apt-get -f install" ?

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