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Re: apt-get depend list problem

On Lu, 29 oct 12, 20:49:37, Mark Nesterovych wrote:
> Hello.
> Having problem with installing a couple of self created packages.
> Example:
> Have package A which keeps in control file depend to package B.    B
> (=8.4.4-9)
> In the repo I also have newer package B with version 8.4.4-14
> If I am running apt-get install A=8.4.4-9
> getting next message below
> A: Depends: B (= 8.4.4-9) but 8.4.4-14 is to be installed
> Please advice how to manage apt-get to honor dependent version from
> control file.
> This behavior noticed on lenny and squeeze

The behaviour is exactly as it should be. The dependency requires 
package B to have the *exact* version 8.4.4-9. There are various 
solutions to this, but more information is needed.

Is package A created by you? If so maybe you could adjust its 
dependency, assuming A works with the newer B.

Kind regards,
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