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Re: Is Wheezy going to be more stable than Squeeze?

Russell Gadd:
> I can't remember many details, but one issue stands out in my memory.
> When printing a second document to my HP Laserjet it would wait up to
> 4 seconds before the GUI panel to initiate the print would complete.
> This was reported as a bug but not solved at least for many weeks
> until I finally got fed up and went to Linux Mint. I'm not sure if it
> was ever fixed.

I don't really understand your description of this bug, but it doesn't
sound like something that gets fixed in a stable release *at all*. You
might want to review Debian's update policy for stable releases.

> Really I'm just looking for personal views not necessarily with any
> particularly well-reasoned justification. For example someone might
> say "Well of course when Squeeze was first launched the development
> teams were distracted by the problem of ...." (this is just by way of
> example only, I have no reason to believe it may be true)

Debian depends on bugs to be reported *before* the initial release. That
means it needs people running testing/unstable and reporting bugs.

> I expect this post could cause annoyance in some quarters but I can
> stand abuse if you want to give it.

I am tempted to insult you in funny ways, but at the moment I cannot
think of any. :)

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