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Re: Is Wheezy going to be more stable than Squeeze?

On Sunday 28 October 2012 18:43:14 Russell Gadd wrote:
> Really I'm just looking for personal views not necessarily with any
> particularly well-reasoned justification.

My personal view?  I love Debian and dislike Ubuntu.  I loved KDE 3.x.x and 
strongly dislike KDE4.  I run Squeeze and Trinity, but have only done so for 
a short time so cannot tell you how it is going to pan out.  I stuck with 
Lenny and KDE 3.5.10 until their dying gasp.

Still my personal view, nothing is ever going to suit you, because nothing in 
this world is perfect.  My personal view is that perhaps distro-hopping suits 
you in the elusive search for utter perfection.  But it is an elusive search.  
No distro is perfect.  

Since you are browned off with the .deb distributions, why not move to .rpm?  
Why not try CentOS next?  The most recent version has 7 years of support 

But then it is probably not much good at playing left-handed golf.

I very much doubt that Wheezy will be stable enough for you if Squeeze is not.  
And no, most people have been happy with Squeeze from the beginning and i 
know of no hitch.


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