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Re: Setting up to do repetitive installs on ONE machine (cf BabelBox)

T o n g wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > In any case with all packages locally available it speeds things up
> > considerably for doing repeated installations.  It is actually kinder to
> > the upstream file servers because I have many machines and am often
> > doing many installations in rapid succession.
> > 
> > In other words...  I recommend setting up a local network mirror instead
> > of trying to use your 8 DVD images.  I think a local network mirror is
> > easier.
> If that's too hard for you (for me at least), try installing a local 
> squid server. It'll serve both the purpose of caching Debian
> packages,

Or at least set up apt-cacher-ng and use it as a caching proxy.

> as well as speed up your web browsing.

I don't find that squid has any noticeable effect on my browsing
speed.  All of the popular browsers already do caching.  So adding
another http cache in front if it doesn't have any significant effect
for me.


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