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Re: Setting up to do repetitive installs on ONE machine (cf BabelBox)

Richard Owlett wrote:
I have two objectives:
1. Define, by experimentation, optimal installation
parameters to meet my
idiosyncratic concept of a "minimal install".
2. Determine if there are bugs in Debian Installer, the
instructions for
the installer, or MY reading of those instructions.

I've bought the 8 DVD set of Debian 6.0.5 and have set aside
a laptop as a testbed. I would divvy up the 80GB drive with
8-10GB for a quasi-static Debian install [some other
experiments, possible supervisor for these tests] and ~40GB
for DVD content [possibly some additional packages]. The
rest would be for the resulting test install and possibly
preserving some log files.

[SNIP the majority of my original post]

Are there other routes to my goals I should investigate?

In this thread, and others, there have been an underlying assumption/suggestion that I do a netinstall. I do not now, nor in foreseeable future, have a home network. And as my only web access at home is dial-up, that is out ;)

Can someone point me to detailed instructions on setting up a client and "server" on a single physical computer. As a primary motivation for this whole project is learning Linux, I foresee lots of related reading :)


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