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Re: replacing GDM with a script

On 08/08/12 05:17 PM, Keith McKenzie wrote:
I just came across my old script for starting different WMs from the C/L.

#! /bin/sh
clear;echo;echo "Menu Items"
echo;echo "1 > TWM"
echo "2 > Blackbox"
echo "3 > Ratpoison"
echo;echo "Choice: " $reply; read reply
case $reply in
   1) cp initrc-twm initrc; startx
   2) cp initrc-blackbox initrc; startx
   3) cp initrc-ratpoison initrc; startx
   *) echo "Not an option"
exit 0


   Aah..I remember that know...ran Slack years ago.

   Good, thanks for digging that up.

Siard, in another reply shows the scripts he uses...similar and accomplishes the same thing



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