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Re: Help with KVM/libvirt/win2008r2. Guest loosing time.

On 8/6/2012 2:46 PM, Chris Davies wrote:
> Stan Hoeppner <stan@hardwarefreak.com> wrote:
>> This would be much simpler if the Windows scheduler had more
>> granularity.  You can only schedule per day or greater.  AFAIK you can't
>> schedule events every X minutes as with cron.
> In the Advanced settings there's an option to repeat the job every N
> hours or minutes.

Just one more reason to hate Windows.  I haven't managed any for quite a
while.  When I did, I did most of my adminning from the DOS prompt.  The
"at" scheduler command that's been around since NT 3.1, and which was
equivalent to the GUI scheduler back then, up to W2K IIRC, has
apparently not been updated to keep pace with the new GUI options.
Either that or the command line help simply hasn't been updated.

So the option I described for the OP is viable.  Setup ntpd in the host
and schedule a batch file containing "w32tm /resync /nowait" to run
every 5-10 minutes, given his W2008 guest is drifting an hour each hour
IIRC from his post.


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