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Re: Help with KVM/libvirt/win2008r2. Guest loosing time.

On Mon, 06 Aug 2012 09:11:10 -0400, William Thompson wrote:

> Keep me in CC, I'm not on the list

Sorry, I can't (can't define an additional To:/CC: from my newsreaders) :-

>>> I have a Win 2008 R2 guest running under KVM controlled by libvirt. 
>>> The guest is loosing time.  I have the clock open on the guest and the
>>> seconds change once every 2-5 seconds.  The guest was started at
>>> 11:45:58.  As of 13:10:30 the guest's time is 12:03:46.
>>> I have tried various things that I found on google.  Unfortunately,
>>> the sites I found do not work for me.
>>Surely you've already read the wiki tips about time drifts in the guests
>>but in the event you missed, here it is:
> That talks about linux guests, not windows guests.  Either way, it
> didn't help.

It talks "generally" about time syncing problems within VM "clients" 
without going further on the client OS that us used. In fact, time drift 
problems are very common on different kind of virtual machines not just KVM.

So, setting up the guest to use the host as NTP server from where to sync 
did not help?



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