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Re: Help with KVM/libvirt/win2008r2. Guest loosing time.

Keep me in CC, I'm not on the list

>> I have a Win 2008 R2 guest running under KVM controlled by libvirt.  The
>> guest is loosing time.  I have the clock open on the guest and the
>> seconds change once every 2-5 seconds.  The guest was started at
>> 11:45:58.  As of 13:10:30 the guest's time is 12:03:46.
>> I have tried various things that I found on google.  Unfortunately, the
>> sites I found do not work for me.
>Surely you've already read the wiki tips about time drifts in the guests 
>but in the event you missed, here it is:

That talks about linux guests, not windows guests.  Either way, it didn't

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