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Re: usb0 and making it available to guest OS

On Sun, 2012-08-05 at 18:02 -0400, H.S. wrote:
> Got the extensions installed with the same number as my VBox. Earlier, I
> had the 4.1.14 extension pack, now it is same as my VBox version: 4.1.18.

On Arch I've got installed:
virtualbox 4.1.18-4, virtualbox-modules 4.1.18-4 virtualbox-ext-oracle
4.1.18-1. The XP isn't pro, I simply installed the "normal" thgingy +
SP2, not SP3. FWIW USB 2 not USB 3.

> However, now when I connect my USB device, it doesn't trigger anything
> in the /var/log. What service or init.d script do I need to restart to
> make the system behave again? Otherwise, I might just restart the
> machine to reset it.
> > 2. When I sync my iPad 2 to iTunes running on the guest XP, I can't use
> > my favorite USB slot, with the connected extension cable. The cable
> > length and the slot are ok, they're working for all kinds of devices as
> > long as I use Linux and not the guest XP + the iPad. When using the
> > extremely short iPad's cable only (tested with two different other USB
> > slots), then syncing the iPad does work.
> Usually, if I am in doubt that a USB port may matter, I juse one from
> the main board of the machine (from its rear) instead of the slots in
> the front ... and that is the precaution I am taking now too.


I don't have slots in front, that's why I have one slot with a short
extension cable.
Btw. before I used ADSL, I used ISDN and several long USB cables to
connect the computer to the ISDN box. By theory those extension cables
were much to long for USB, but in the field there were no issues.
However, VBox is known for USB issues and I should have tested the
extreme short USB cable some month earlier.

Good luck!

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