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Re: bug report to icedove or iceweasel??

On Thu, 02 Aug 2012 11:19:18 -0400, Whit Hansell wrote:

(please, no html posts here, thanks)

> Needing to send in bug report as I cannot find the answer to this
> specific problem.  As explained before, I can get to Iceweasel from
> Icedove when I click on a link but I can only get to my homepage.  I
> have changed homepages to see if  that may be the problem but it makes
> no difference.


Have you tried any of these?


> I have gone thru all the various iterations in Icedove, etc. of getting
> Iceweasel to be my browser but it always had been but I did the changes
> anyway thinking one of them may actually be the problem.  That is NOT
> the problem.
> I went to the bugreport page for Debian and they said to bring it to you
> all to have you tell me who I should send in the bug report to as
> everytime I do a google search all I get is how to set up iceweasel as
> my browser and that is not the problem.

With no more tests on your side, report it against the MUA (Icedove) 
which is that fails. 

If you have problems to manually filling the report, use the reportbug 
tool and follow the on-screen wizard (save the data elsewhere because 
this tool it closes all of sudden very often).



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