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bug report to icedove or iceweasel??

Needing to send in bug report as I cannot find the answer to this specific problem.  As explained before, I can get to Iceweasel from Icedove when I click on a link but I can only get to my homepage.  I have changed homepages to see if  that may be the problem but it makes no difference.

Example of problem.  In email, there is a link to Debian Support.  I click on it and Iceweasel opens up not to Debian Support but to my homepage, ex.  Google Search.  It makes no difference what the link in Icedove I click on, my homepage opens up.  Never the actual link.

I have gone thru all the various iterations in Icedove, etc. of getting Iceweasel to be my browser but it always had been but I did the changes anyway thinking one of them may actually be the problem.  That is NOT the problem.

I went to the bugreport page for Debian and they said to bring it to you all to have you tell me who I should send in the bug report to as everytime I do a google search all I get is how to set up iceweasel as my browser and that is not the problem.

TIA and help is appreciated.

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