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Re: kmail in background?

On Wed, 01 Aug 2012 08:10:56 +0200, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:

> does anybody know, why there is already an instance aka process running
> of kmail in the background, when kde is fresh started?

Nope, but being Kmail and Akonadi/Nepomuk/Strigi related stuff it can be 
a feature to enhance the user experience -to speed it up- so there isn't 
any noticeable delay. Just kidding :-P

Now seriuosly, I wouldn' be surprised that is started on purpose.
> 1. I am always starting kmail manually, but the process is already
> runnning and mails are fetched in the background.
> 2. I saved the kde session, without any running kmail before logout, but
> after a new start of kde, the process appears again.
> Maybe I missed something.
> Thanks for any hints.

Do a quick test: create a user user, login with it and check if the KMail 
"phantom" instance is also running there. If the process is not there, 
search for any ".desktop" file placed in your usual's user ~/.kde4/
Autostart directory. If the process is also there, try to dissable 
akonadi/strigi/nepomuk and retry.



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