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slow DVD reading

Hi there.

Ever since I heard about the Raspberry Pi, I dreamt of putting my entire DVD collection on a usb disk and having a DVD juke box that would fit into a DVD case.

While I'm waiting for my Pi to arrive, I started copying DVDs onto ISOs - what can I say, I love those DVD menus.

Unfortunately they take ages to copy.

I'm using Brasero on kde-trinity and it never works out the estimated drive speed, but from the progress indications (3206MiB of 5726MiB) it looks like it's managing 3-4MiB per second.

It's a Samsung RF711-S07UK laptop with a blu-ray drive, so I was expecting it to be able to read a lot faster.

What, if anything, can I do to make it read faster?

Philip Ashmore

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