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Re: [OT] secure passwords (was Re: is it rational to close the 139 port)

On Jul 31, 2012, at 9:00 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:

> Fortunately for most of us there is the support group of family.They
> know these things and would help me with them.   

I was 67 years old when it happened, and the family I have left 
is 1000 miles away. Fortunately, my sister flew here to take care 
of me. She dealt with the bank and the lawyers, and would have 
brought me the passwords so I could do my rootly duties from the 

> If I become
> incapacitated there is an envelope of instructions that I keep updated
> with current information on my accounts.  Mostly it tells how to get
> into particular computer files where I keep my current account
> information stored.  

I didn't have that at the time. I do now -- that and a lot more.

> Of course not everyone is fortunate enough to have a
> supportive family to draw upon for help.

My friends were a lot of help, too. 

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Glenn English
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