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Re: [OT] secure passwords (was Re: is it rational to close the 139 port)

Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> Glenn English wrote:
> > Dud'n work, guys. I fell off my bike a couple years ago and completely 
> > lost all my passwords. Rebuilding my servers (and laptops and iPads) was 
> > no fun at all. Write 'em down and put the paper in a safe-deposit box.
> If you can't remember the passwords due to injury, it seems pretty clear
> you wouldn't remember renting the box at the bank either.

Fortunately for most of us there is the support group of family.  They
know these things and would help me with them.  If I become
incapacitated there is an envelope of instructions that I keep updated
with current information on my accounts.  Mostly it tells how to get
into particular computer files where I keep my current account
information stored.  If I had amnesia this would be sufficient for me
to recover.  If I do not recover then it would facilitate the transfer
of my estate.  Of course not everyone is fortunate enough to have a
supportive family to draw upon for help.


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