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Re: Small xorg?

On Mi, 18 iul 12, 10:37:14, Patrick Bartek wrote:
> As I recall, only the required dependencies were installed.  I needed 
> the system to be as lean as possible due to the RAM limitations, but 
> still be easily usable.  Perhaps, a little background for 
> clarification:
> The Thinkpad 240X (500Mhz PIII, 192MB RAM) was acquired used about 5 
> years ago, and initially Debian Sarge and XFCE were installed along 
> side Windows 2000 Pro--dual boot.  I used the installer's "Expert" 
> option, and installed just the base system--no X anything, then used 
> Aptitude to build the rest of the system, piece by piece.  I let 
> Aptitude determine the necessary dependencies.  

aptitude and apt-get install Recommends by default. In your situation it 
probably makes sense to disable that, but be careful about what you are 

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