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Re: VNC not connecting over SSH tunnel

Gary Dale <garydale@rogers.com> wrote:
> Thanks again Chris. If I understand your model correctly, the 
> "remote_router" is the ssh server and not the actual router that merely 
> forwards port 22 to the ssh server.

Yes. It's only now clear to me that the router isn't the ssh server. But
for the purposes of the description consider "remote_router" to be your
internal ssh server.

> remote_router is
> remote_workstation is

> The office router  ( confirms the assignments (I connect to 
> another remote workstation then log into the office router) as did 
> opening a command prompt and running ipconfig on the remote_workstation 
> the last time I was there.

In that case I'm out of ideas without running something like wireshark
on your "ssh server" to try and see what's going across the wire. Sorry.


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