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Re: Current SSD setup recommendations for laptop with Debian

On Sun, Jul 08, 2012 at 11:43:00PM -0400, Gary Dale wrote:
> Stan Hoeppener gave you good advice. Take it.
> Hobbyists waste a lot of time tweaking systems because that's their
> hobby. Any SSD is going to be faster than your old HD. And unless
> your life is measured in milliseconds, you won't be able to tell the
> difference between them for anything you're likely to do. There are
> some applications where one make a difference over another but then
> you wouldn't be making the purchasing decision - your IT staff
> would.
> The technology is constantly improving so get a recent model - not
> something from three years ago. Get one that is as fast as your SATA
> ports. Get one that is large enough to hold everything but your
> /home folders unless you are independently wealthy.
> Enjoy the speed. Don't fret over whether it's setup to squeeze out
> the ultimate performance.

Perhaps I was misunderstood. I was never fretting milliseconds. I wasn't
too concerned with speed either. The 7200rpm spinning disk was fine. The
drive started to fail. I use the laptop constantly on a New York City
ambulance. Partners have dropped my bag (with laptop inside) while it was
still hibernating. I've hit big bumps going to calls while the machine was
still hibernating. I went SSD to obviate all that disk trauma. 

But this being new tech, and with new tech in Linux needing manual setup and
tweaking on occasion, I thought I'd ask the list to make sure I wasn't
overlooking something obvious. My priority is longevity of the SSD and data

So I took Stan's advice and I'm only going to worry about reading the rsync
man page and doing more regular backups of /home.

Thanks again to all.

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