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Current SSD setup recommendations for laptop with Debian

I've decided to replace the failing hard disk on my Debian Thinpad with an
SSD. As I use the laptop in a harsh mobile environment, I decided to get and
SSD. This one:

Then, I decided to Google SSD in relation to formatting, partitions and
Debian/Linux. Seems there's a lot of old information; people saying some
techniques for SSD setup are plain wrong; arguments about enabling TRIM;
laptop setup vs SSD and HDD setup; etc., etc.

The Debian SSD wiki (http://wiki.debian.org/SSDoptimization) leaves out
"An important aspect in optimizing SSD performance is the file system and
partition layout. Ths wiki page does not cover these issues."

So, it's 2012 and I'm a heavy Firefox user on Thinkpad with 3gigs of RAM.
I'd like to install via a new install cd. What are the current
recommendations? Do I have to do an "alignment"? Does the Debian net install
have the tools necessary to do this or is SSD an option and things happen
automagically? Which file system is recommended for and SSD in a laptop.
fstab options? Anything else before I do my install? 

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